Friday, 20 May 2016

Shenzhen: The Wealthy City of China with Most Efficient Metro Service

Shenzhen is one of the mega wealthy cities in China, located near Hong Kong. The city is included in special economic zone of China and now improving its administrative status in the south province of China. With 15 million population, Shenzhen is one of those cities of which are listed in built-up areas. The city is the most vibrant, modern and successful city of the region due to foreign investment and cityscape. Despite all of its wealth and financial success, tourism has over looked in this city but for local tourists, Shenzhen is still a famous tourist spot. Shenzhen’s popular destinations are theme park, rich architecture, historical sites, shopping malls, restaurants, bars and active art scenes. Beaches and coastlines of Shenzhen are also world famous and considered as most alluring attraction for tourists.


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